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I just had this discussion a few weeks ago while off hunting with 3 other men. Two of the guys are retired and I hope to retire in a little over a year.

The only advise I can give you is to try everything you can to stay positive and keep fighting.

Be an inspiration to all of those around you struggling. Be their idea of strength.
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Welcome to Faulty Logic Games, home to all the best games!

I start realizing how correct it is. All these ed up emotions about existence and how fake it is.
Why it is what it is. If Brand is then a support with low damage, why pick him at all? For stun? We have better champions with stun. For poke?

The kid is rebelling because he trying to prove something to himself, be right, I did that for a long time.

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Posted by isobelbapt (#9240) 1 hour 49 minutes ago (
My second gear I can shift into at like 10 MPH(Idk exact, I just do it tbh,).
It will take me to 55mph at red line. But my third gear I can use at 20. Exercise, including physical therapy, can help.





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