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Baylor: LB Terrel Bernard had 19 tackles last week against TCU, the most by a Baylor player since Sam Holl

Romney and McCain were DREAM candidates compared to Trump.

I wasn too concerned with why people voted for either of them, although I did side eye the Palin fans in For me, W. Was the first President that I was like WHY? He sent us to a terrible war!

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Your claim that that is hostile against Christianity is straight up rejected by Christ himself.
You say you need more to give, but even then Christ says that is not true. If your argument doesn come from God then the bible says it has no merit..

I don think you are lying, but I think the term "closet racist" is being used very very loosely.
People can make off color jokes or have unpopular opinions on race issues without hate in their hearts.

[img][/img]Shortly after they get orders to fire a nuke but one ...

I was on the bathroom floor of my dorm and had everything I needed to go through with it.
But then I stopped. I remembered how I had felt after my prior experience.
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Muscular Tennis Fitness Training versus Bodybuilding: You don need or want muscles.
Ok, you can show them off, but that about all gym muscles are good for. ...





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